WE create the future
RIPE has a mission to help millions of people do what they love and become highly-paid creators.
Web3 has become a flexible tool for the financial world. We plan to utilize tokenization and smart contracts to unlock the creator economy for a wide range of investors.
Web3 tools for the creator economy
Traditional banking won't work if you want to enable the creator economy. RIPE is a data-driven company with in-house machine learning capabilities.
AI&ML to Boost Creators
RIPE plans to help creators worldwide – from the US and Europe to Asia and Africa.
Going Global
Creators not only need financing for growth, they need an ecosystem of services. That's why we are building a one-stop shop for creators and musicians to obtain financing with a few clicks.
Creating 'One-Stop Shop'
RIPE is an ideal financial tool for creators. Musicians are just the beginning – YouTubers, TikTokers and Instagramers are coming soon.
Targeting Creator Economy
RIPE is a revenue-based financing platform for creators. Get fuel for growth and a bunch of services from our one-stop shop.
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