Empowering creators with financing and marketing
Up-front cash for creators to let them grow faster – with automated marketing tools.
A financial boost,
tailored for creators
At RIPE, we give musicians and YouTubers serious up-front cash while leaving them in total control of their future.
You set the terms & never sacrifice ownership of your content.
Ideal for creators with +$10K streaming revenues.
Cutting a deal in 24h
Licensing your existing catalogues
Financing marketing expenses
Temporarily license your existing music and get a big payout right away. Without losing your IP rights.
Get funding and full marketing support to promote your new track/album.
Our solution to your growth challenge
No fixed payments
We’re not a boring bank, but a fintech platform. You set the terms, no personal liability
Strike a deal in 24h
You are a couple of clicks away from getting fuel for growth
Labels take 80% of your revenues
With RIPE, you stay in charge of your music
All the creator business tools you need.
We offer a bunch of services with great discounts: music mastering, merch shelves, software bundles and many more
Personalized funding, you set the terms
Leave your name and social media links. Our AI will do the rest.
Set your own terms — which tracks to include, for how long, how much income you want to get during the deal.
Digitally sign your agreement. No boring paper work.
Receive your advance as soon as the final arrangements are confirmed.
Earn RIPE Bonuses and spend them in our Marketplace for creators
Each time you use financial services by RIPE, you get bonus points to spend on services tailored for musicians – from music mastering to software.
16 000 + artists in our scope. Cutting deals every day.
RIPE is on a mission to let you grow on your terms – choose the best tool and unleash your potential.
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RIPE is a revenue-based financing platform for creators. Get fuel for growth and a bunch of services from our one-stop shop.
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